How cost effective is the system for remote users?

Can the system grow as technology evolves?

How many users can the system support?

Does the system integrate with existing networks?

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 What Wireless ISP offers

 Wireless Solutions.
One of the main growth areas in Information Technology has been the wireless communications market. We have identified this as an area with a very specific need and tailor made solutions. To address this need, we have,  with other skilled technical and business partners formed a start-up company Nungu that will insure that quality and standards are met throughout the installation base under the controlling body (Nungu). The services offered by this very dynamic division are as follows:

  • Affordable complete point to point wireless data and voice connections
  • Broadband Internet and e-mail solutions.
  • Affordable large bandwidth (Broadband) supply for least cost routing (VOX) solutions.
  • VPN solutions for ASP application software solutions.
  • Affordable high level of Linux Voip and Internet development software solutions (Open Source)
  • Affordable PBX (Open Source) systems with massive low cost upgrade potential.

There are a multitude of wireless technologies available to choose from and these are some of the issues to consider when choosing a technology, that will differentiate one solution from another:

  • Mobile or Fixed
  • Cost (Implementation and Maintenance)
  • Bandwidth

Rather than getting stuck in a world of jargon and gizmo features, choose the most practical solution for your needs.


The world is moving all communication technologies to IP based platforms.
As long as your wireless platform utilises IP as a network protocol, any solution you implement is easily extended and enhanced to include additional features and technology in the future.

How to start

Identify your target goals.
Break your target goals down into:

  • Short-term
  • Medium-term
  • Long-term
  • Define a period per term.
  • Identify an IP Wireless Technology to provision a backbone for your short and medium term needs.
  • Identify an IP Wireless Technology for your short-term point-to        -multipoint need.
  • Identify skill level required and select a partner to implement.


Everyone is talking about it!
We are doing it!

We currently manage and operate 48 high-points around South Africa, with numerous new high-points being planned and rolled-out constantly.
We have real-world deployment experience in Southern Africa.

Client base

Techknowledge and Partners provides wireless communication solutions to a wide range of clients and public initiatives, namely:

  • Corporate Business & SME’ (NPC, Cybertek etc.)
  • Healthcare in KZN (AIDS treatment programs)
  • Education Departments (Schools)
  • Municipalities (Northern Free State)
  • Individual private home users


Standards across the network, including specific client point-to-point implementations are defined and maintained centrally.
Monitoring of all critical systems is done via a fully automated monitoring and escalation system, making use of tools such as SMS for event notification.

All high-points and client equipment is remotely configurable and upgradeable