How cost effective is the system for remote users?

Can the system grow as technology evolves?

How many users can the system support?

Does the system integrate with existing networks?

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 Corporate Profile

The company is a one stop / full service information technology solutions provider focusing on the business as well as technical drivers around IT solutions unique to our clients. Our offerings include network strategy consultation, procurement of hardware and software, network design and implementation, office automation, Internet and e-mail services, solutions architecture, business consulting, and project management.


The main focus of Techknowledge Wireless is to design and implement top quality, cost effective business and technology solutions to empower our clients to focus on the enhancement and growth of their core business.
By leveraging our streamlined consultation and installation model, we are able to understand and provide for your organisation’s need to achieve world-class levels of business and technical excellence. The company’s industry expertise enables us to provide top-level enterprise consulting, through total business integration in an end-to-end solution that serves your unique requirements.  In addition, our industry experience places in depth understanding of leading edge business and networking solutions, and operating system integration at your disposal.


Our knowledge base allows us to guide our clients in critical decisions; business processes, solutions architecture, IT strategy, network security, network operating systems and networking technologies, as well as the basics, including the selection of equipment that would most effectively serve your needs.

The company provides our clients with an integrated solution, by designing a network and installing it with the least possible inconvenience to our client.

Hardware and software maintenance and support are resourced through industry specialists, available around the clock, both onsite and from remote location. “Zero downtime” is the main driver behind our  pre-emptive maintenance policy, which can be arranged through monthly or annual maintenance agreements.


The company has a flat management structure with all key functions reporting directly to the director. The company believes in the empowerment of staff and it is the philosophy that the directors play an active role in the company without undermining the management and their accountability. The current company associations largely follow the same management structure allowing a large high level technical base to be available to the customer at all times.

The focus is customer driven, and the structure and infrastructure has been developed around customer requirements combined with quality of service and is kept as flexible as possible to keep up with changes in customer requirements and technological developments. The close associations of a number of companies similar in structure yet diverse in skills truly broaden the high level offering to their customer base.


It is a fact that our clients often are the first in the country to be introduced to new technology and systems in their companies, thus gaining valued recognition for being on the leading edge of IT developments.  This technology will again bring large system affordability to all willing role players.

A natural value add to this form of management is that we are often invited to be a member of our clients IT committee’s where we assist with our knowledge in ensuring that they follow the best practice method for their situation even at the expense of our not being able to supply some of their requirements.  Transparency and trust is the operative from our point of view.


It is our philosophy to ensure that we are always able to deliver the best goods and offer the best services. The quality process is linked to the staff training and development program as well as the customer service system to effectively control the prevention of poor installation practices, as well as the rectification of any substandard service provided.

A dedicated call desk is available at all times to insure that the Service Level Agreements are adhered to at all times. Full monthly reporting on all calls is made available to all clients for them to measure our service. Monthly IT meetings are held with clients to discuss any shortfalls. Forward planning is discussed among many other topics at these IT meetings. The company has reached the level where it can afford to incur costs in the form of loan equipment, time and/or replacement equipment. The flat management structure allows for fast and effective remedy decisions to be made and implemented, insuring minimum down time to our clients.


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